Further Details


You have the opportunity to create a new Gallery with your creations, fully digital.

You will be able to organize each of your creative projects by theme, defining a title and a composition and providing a visitor with a preview of the most significant work you consider.


Besides, if you'd like to insert some references to paper publications regarding your works, by also a proper hypertextual link to the eventual physical product at any online store, you can to do it in this section.

So that you can show all your Catalogs and provide them with a preview.


A bit of space in the Home-page has also been provided to be able to tell your art ... your passion ... your life.

You have the opportunity to insert a descriptive text, supplied with an image, that gives you a chance to tell all that you want to share online with your community.

ART-PROJECT as Photo-grid

Each artistic project will be presented through a clickable Photo-grid, which visualization adapts among all devices.

You can add, if you like, a description to the projects and assign to a single work title, date and place of the creation.

ART-PROJECT as Photo-flow

A same project can be visualized also as a Photo-flow, always clickable which the visualization adapts well with both tablets and smartphones.

Your photos will be soon appreciated from all the visitators of your Gallery.

The slideshow

Each image can also be available with a full screen and none of the details will get lost.

Slideshow can be activated either from the Photo-grid or the Photo-flow.By clicking on an image, a full screen slideshow will be opened, with the swipe functionality.

Methods of use

Monthly subscription

It's ideal for who wants to test his/her network presence for a short period. Stop paying at any time, without notice.

Start-up cost* + 50€/month

Active services:
  • Monthly hosting
  • 1 color change every 3 months

Annual subscription

It's ideal for who wants to maintain an active profile for years, saving the costs of maintenance and paying in installments.

Start-up cost* + 500€/year

Active services:
  • Annual hosting
  • 1 color change every 3 months
  • Free template updates

For Life

It's ideal for those who wants to have their own website, without giving up the simplicity of the benefits offered by Citrus, with static contents.

Unique cost 1500€

Active services:
  • First year hosting included

* = Start-up cost: 250€


Theme customization

If you believe that the suitable color for your website doesn't exist among the colors of our palette, you would be wrong.

Citrus team materializes your graphic desires in order to best represent your character and make your web space more distinctive!

Facebook promotion

You think you're not getting enough visibility with website only?
Citrus can provide you a promotional campaign on the largest social network: Facebook.

We will define the budget together with you and the target audience to be involved!


Essential Art was created as monolingual site but if you consider it appropriate to show to people of different nationalities, you can rely on Citrus translation service.

Highly qualified staff will translate the contents to you, while the developer staff will create the user interface.

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