How it works


Design, implementation and development of your microblog.
We give life to your idea, realizing your microblog with the technology available on Blogger. We do your work for you.

Adding of your extra

Improvement of your microblog with the inclusion of extras.
All your requests will be part of your work and you can touch your personalization.


Your microblog will be ready in a few working days.
We'll take care of putting it online, you'll just have to connect to the page.
It will be immediately worked and ready for use, without long waits.

Our extras

Logo design

We create a customized logo that is the identikit of your business; on the web. The logo will have a dimension that adapts itself appropriately to any mobile device, whether tablet or smartphone.

Change your theme color

You can choose your favorite color best suited to your microblog. The color will thus give more prominence to your news and offer a theme more and more in keeping with your logo.

Add your map

Enter the location to be found more easily. The map can help the community to have a point of reference.

Additional language

Make your news usable for the whole community on the web. Content translations can be important to increase your notoriety in the world.

Add your Facebook page

Add a box where you can watch all the news on your Facebook page live. Populate your microblog with an extra touch of social media.

Add your Twitter page

Add a box where you can view the tweets on your Twitter page. So you can channel this powerful social into your microblog.

Further extra

Aspect customization

You can improve the design of your theme.

  • Font smart and distinct;
  • Colour most wanted;
  • Positioning of the contents more optimised.

And much more for a more genuine taste!

Facebook promotion

Improve your visibility on Facebook!

  • Like on your page;
  • Cover always up to date;
  • Post to re-share.

We will define the budget and the audience!

Social network

Create a social section on your microblog!

  • LinkedIn for your business;
  • Instagram to add your pic of the day;
  • YouTube to follow you on your channels.

Show the salient contents of your networks.

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